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Born in 1968 in Nantes, France, Paul-Alexandre Michel Albert Bourieau, a.k.a. POLO, studied Art at the Accademie of Nantes before joining the legendary French stone masons guild, the "Compagnons du Tour de France". 


It is from working on prestigious projects such as the Musee du Louvres, the American Center in Paris and Notre Dame du Haut of Le Corbusier, that he will study and explore the duality between sculpture and architecture.


During this "art vagabondage", POLO eventually reaches the italian historical ‘stone city’ of Pietrasanta in 1995, where he will hone his skills in sculpture, collaborating with Tuscan artisans and contemporary artists .


This journey is POLO's formation as an artist.

And he's thirty when he create his own studio to engage definitively his dialogue between sculpture and architecture on large scale, site-specific commissions.


Alison Pickett


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The spirit sparks, the mind conceives, the hands create and the matter lives…


“By formation, inclination and ability, I am focusing a great measure of my creative effort to re-kindle the natural relationship between sculpture and architecture on large scale site specific commissions.


By proximity, monumental sculpture confronts and creates dialogue on the new “agora”. This presence ignites our intuition to explore and see every side of it. It interacts with the community and contributes to our concept of individuality before to define then our collective memories. 


I am fascinated by memories and identities; the way they’ve been built, the way they function and the place they occupy in our intent to regenerate the city.


In this exciting space/time relationship context, I am working on defining a new formal perception of sculptural language. 

 And if the city is my stage, my works are only documentaries.


As a witness of our time, my Art investigate the area in between an international pop culture and the local identities, trying to find continuity in the urban fabric, with always an element of fun.”